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What we do

What we do

Panna Streetz is the organisation behind the largest street football concepts in Belgium. We were at the heart of developing panna and freestyle football in Europe as the specialists in organising unique events and brand activations with an urban character.

Panna Streetz has built a popular media platform with over 50,000 fans on Youtube and a similar number on Instagram. We can organise effective content marketing campaigns to reach a young, football-loving demographic.

Freestyler op Panna Streetz
Montana ft Panna Streetz

If you are looking for a panna football cage or panna arena, as we call it, then our mobile arena is without a doubt the best on the market in terms of price and quality.

For its events and shows Panna Streetz is working together with many professional artists and performers. We can provide the best street footballers in the country, but also a great MC, or a breakdance or a freestyle BMX show.

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Freestyler op Panna Streetz
Engie Street Heroes ft Panna Streetz