Panna Streetz | De referentie op vlak vanfreestyle - en straatvoetbalactivaties

Street football is a way of life.

Panna Streetz is the reference in panna, freestyle, and street football events and activities. We have been active in Belgium since 2007 and played an important role in developing these three sports in Europe.

In the street football community Panna Streetz is a well-known media platform with a large following on YouTubeFacebookand Instagram.

Are you looking for a pannafreestyle street football demo or workshop? Then look no further. Use our concept to build the perfect activation around street culture. Panna Streetz is the most experienced organisation for tailor-made activation.

If you are interested in purchasing a panna arena, then check out our high-quality solutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


Cheers to a year full of panna's! ⚽️🔥
We look forward seeing you soon, so stay tuned!


Keep an eye on the Street Heroes Facebook page in the following days! 👀 Exciting news coming up! 🏆⚽
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Get prepared for the third edition of STEEZ, a laidback, steezy, lifestyle festival @ De Studio.
Come and enjoy the freestyle skills of @ilyas_toubz ! ⚽️🔥 #panna #freestyle #freestylefootball #pannafootball #nutmeg #footballskills #urban

A day with champs 💯
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Come to the #EngieStreetHeroes Final on Saturday, compete against @easymantv and win great prizes. ⚽️🏆 ...

Panna Football Never Stops! See you all on Saturday! ⚽️🔥 ...